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CREATIVE CATAPULT - 4 week one-to-one accelerator coaching

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Are you ready to take your creative business to new heights FAST?

Look no further than "Creative Catapult" - an intensive 4-week personalised coaching accelerator designed to propel your creative ventures to success.

This transformative program is totally tailored to your specific needs, providing you with the tools, strategies, and expert guidance to fast-track your business growth. Through a combination of in-depth mentorship, targeted action plans, and creative insights, we'll catapult your ideas into action, amplify your brand, and unleash your full potential.

Don't waste time on trial and error; with "Creative Catapult," you'll bypass obstacles and leapfrog towards your goals. Take the leap and soar to new heights with this exhilarating coaching experience!


  • 1 x initial business download to assess current status and set goals for the 4 weeks
  • 4 x weekly 1-2-1 coaching sessions with follow-up tailored action plans
  • Direct access via WhatsApp or email for any questions or queries throughout the 4 weeks
  • Weekly email accountability and cheerleading!

The sessions are conducted online via Zoom, followed up with a tailored plan of your next steps to move you forward in whatever way you need.

Please drop me a message BEFORE purchasing this coaching programme to discuss your timescales.