I'm So Excited to Share My Very First Book

Don't Be A Starving Artist is the book I wished I had as I built my business from self-taught painter to professional artist in just over five years! It would have saved me a lot of money, time and frustration and so I wrote it for you...

Don't Be A Starving Artist is not just a practical guide to making money from your art but also investigates why our mind monkeys torture us; how we're pre-programmed with other people's thoughts and opinions; and more importantly, HOW to master the artist mindset!

Don't Be A Starving Artist will help find your niche, your ideal client, show how to grow an audience, how to price for profit, investigate multiple income streams and guide in marketing and selling in a non-icky way.

In this book you'll find my belief in YOU... you ARE an artist and you CAN make money doing what you love!

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Welcome to my new site!

I absolutely love it and hopefully you’ll enjoy rummaging around in here too.

Check out my Lookbooks section for images of some of my previous artwork. My Shop has some products and instant online tutorials. I’ll be stocking up the shop with more goodies over the next couple of weeks, so keep watching.

The Art Academy offers a whole range of workshops, classes and demos aimed at all levels - even absolute beginners - so it’s worth hopping over and try some freebies to see if you enjoy it.

About Me

Gillian is a professional artist and a multi-award-winning educator, speaker and creative coach. She actively encourages creativity in everyone, from absolute beginners to professionals, while also coaching artists in how to make money doing what they love.

As a Glasgow School of Art graduate, Gillian enjoyed a career as an award-winning magazine designer before realising, 13 jobs later, that she was wholly unemployable. Chucking the day job in 2004 and she launched her own design business specialising in packaging.

Gillian became a full-time professional artist in 2016 and now shares her stable studio with three guinea pigs, surrounded by glorious Ayrshire countryside and lives next door with her hubby, two daughters and two dogs. 

Inspired by her surroundings, Gillian loves to paint big, bold, colourful expressive landscapes and abstracts in oils & pastels and opened her onsite gallery in 2018 where her work is displayed. She exhibits throughout the UK with collectors in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Hungary, France and also has a painting in HRH King Charles’ collection at Dumfries House. Her online Art Academy opened in September 2021 and has since taught students online as far flung as North Carolina!

Gillian has a serious shoe fixation, buys hugely unnecessary vintage ‘stuff’, loves boxing and crocheting giant very brightly coloured blankets - but not all at the same time.

Her mission in life is to pioneer the joy of creativity in all, to become a positive artist role model missing in so many young lives and prove to the world that art IS a real job and you CAN make money doing what you love!

Gillian Park Art

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Artist Statement

I am not a camera. Personality in a painting is important!

My aim is to uplift through colour, finding beauty in the mundane, extraordinary in the ordinary, in everyday life & things we overlook or perhaps take for granted or have forgotten. Whether it's an old typewriter, a well worn armchair or weeds growing wild by the roadside. I hope my paintings are not only interesting and appealing but also make the viewer consider the story behind the image and to re-see the object or scene as something worthwhile and fit for a frame.

Colour is one of the most important things for me in painting - I love colour! I don't aim to replicate what's in front of me, but to enhance and make the subject glow with vibrant colours, bold & exciting marks & textures. I work mainly in oils & pastel but also enjoy mixed media and love my ever increasing collection of sketchbooks. I enjoy experimenting with materials and love a happy accident!

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