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If you're an ARTIST who wants to make money doing what they love ...

Don’t be a Starving Artist®  is my signature programme designed specifically for artists who want to make money from their work.

The 12 month Don't Be A Starving Artist® Programme covers all aspects of selling, creating multiple income streams, passive & semi passive income, marketing, growing your audience, business skills, product development and tech PLUS mastering the Artist Mindset, finding your niche and your ideal customers. Don't be a Starving Artist® Programme will be available as a self-paced programme in Spring 2024 in two different formats - CLICK HERE TO BE ADDED TO THE WAITLISTfor all information and perhaps a few discounts!

CREATIVE COMPASS DAY - Dumfries House, Ayrshire - Friday 19th April

Meanwhile ... join myself and creative coach, Sarah Longfield in the very exclusive setting of the Library in Dumfries House on our CREATIVE COMPASS DAY on Friday 19th April 2024!

This is a day about YOU and about what you want to achieve creatively in the next 4-6 months ... if you're feeling creatively sluggish and just not doing what you want to be doing - THIS DAY IS FOR YOU!!!

Very limited numbers CLICK HERE for more info and to book.