Artist Coaching

Artist Coaching

I offer one to one and group coaching to artists who want to improve in their work and/or to make money from their art.

Whether that’s dipping their toe into exhibiting and selling, raising their profile and selling more, branching out into product creation and teaching, or even creating a lucrative career, making money doing what they love. 

If you’re interested in working with me, please drop me an email in the first instance and we can have a chat about your aims, goals & dreams.

My ‘Don’t be a Starving Artist’ programme is launching in early 2022. 

Don’t be a Starving Artist  is a complete programme aimed at artists who want to make money from their work - the programme will cover all aspects of selling, marketing, business skills, product development and tech.

If you’d love to be the first to hear about this, click the link below and add your email address to my First in line List.