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WORKBOOK - Develop Your Unique Creative Voice in 8 Steps

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This workbook is a fantastic resource I've put together to help artists define and refine their painting/creative style. 

Why use this book?
This book is intended for Artists who want More!
Working through the exercises in this book will help refine your creative personality through creating a nurturing, inspiring environment; visualisation; habits; a focussed mindset; tricks to beat self-sabotage & artist’s block; and creating ranges & products using only the best materials you deserve.
Explore your goals, aims and dreams
Don’t settle for less.
creative coaching for artists who want more

Designed to be completed in 8 stages - can be 8 weeks, 8 months, however you choose to work through.

In each chapter you’ll be given four exercises to help focus on refining your style and planning your creative future





With plenty space for notes and mindmaps - this is a working journal which will track your progress and thoughts, leading you to a more focussed way of thinking which will refine your signature style.

48 pages - full colour throughout

Printed in UK