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CREATIVE SPARK COACHING SESSION - 90 min one-to-one lightning session

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Are you looking for a nudge in the right direction? Have you hit the wall on a project or idea? Do you want to ignite your creativity or tackle a specific challenge you're facing in your creative business?

Look no further! Introducing "Creative Spark" - a dynamic 90-minute 1-2-1 coaching session designed to turbocharge your idea generation and precision problem-solving skills.

In this lightning session, we will delve deep into your business's specific needs, uncovering hidden opportunities and addressing key obstacles. With a laser-focused approach, we'll spark fresh ideas and provide strategic insights to propel your creative ventures forward.

Whether you're seeking innovative solutions, brainstorming new concepts, or refining your strategies, "Creative Spark" will provide the precise guidance and inspirational jolt you need. Unleash your creative potential and conquer challenges with this power-packed coaching experience!

The 90 minute session is totally tailored around YOUR needs. The session is conducted online via Zoom, followed up with a tailored plan of your next steps to move you forward in whatever way you need.

Once you've purchased this session, I'll be in touch to organise a mutually agreeable date and time.

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